Monday, January 27, 2014

I Now Understand How People Don't Have Time for the World

I haven't turned on the news in about two weeks. I hear snippets of things on social networks but I have yet to sit down and formally try to get caught up on what's happening. 

I'm just so tired. This has been quite a month. Indoor track, school (91 days left, not that I'm counting or anything, currently I've just completed Day 1 of Midterms), trying to have a life with everything else going on, and decision time: picking a college. 

It's very easy to get immersed in your own little bubble and forget that there are other people out there and that your problems aren't really as dire as you think. 

I'm trying to enjoy these last few months of senior year but spring can't come fast enough. With spring comes the closing of my final indoor track season as a high school athlete, a college decision (finally!), spring track, senior trip, prom; all that fun stuff.

Spring also brings warm weather!! This polar vortex stuff has been ridiculous, I'm a winter person and all but I'm tired of this snow, it's just too cold. 

Anyway, so since I really have no idea what's going on in the world at the moment, I'll just share with you all the journalism midterm I had today. We had to write an editorial response to one of two articles and I chose "Christie Praises Drug Rehab Programs for Offenders"

I am not a Christie fan. I'm a Jersey Girl so even though I've been MIA you literally have to be hiding under a rock to not hear about this whole Bridgegate thing. Well, now I guess it's Bridgegate as well as the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund Scandal. I knew it was only a matter of time. After he got all those teachers laid off and cut all the budgets for education ($200 per athlete pay-to-play for PUBLIC SCHOOL sports and clubs!!!) he just seemed like not a nice person. The Hurricane Sandy Relief funds though?!? I have friends down the shore who didn't have power for weeks. No lights, electricity, heat, nothing. And this man wants to get power hungry and play games with peoples' lives. It's so incredibly childish. I have a lot to say on that issue but I'll wait until the federal investigation of Chris Christie has commenced before I comment, just so I'm positive I have all the facts right. 

To find out more:

Of course all this stuff had to happen in Jersey, like we don't have bad enough rep as it is.

So anyway, my midterm. I was a bit harsh in it (tough love is so underrated) but it was 7:00am and I had just taken a 2 hour test, it happens.

"Christie Praises Drug Rehab Programs for Offenders" 
Chris Christie, America’s bully, has shown something very few thought he even had; a heart. New Jersey is leading the state with an alternative path for non-violent drug offenders. Instead of locking them away time after time Christie has instated a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Finally, addiction is being treated as a disease and not just a crime. 
Of course there are kinks in the program, there’d be in any program that had no revenue and was fully based off of taxes, but it’s for the greater good so it’s worth it... Right?
I mean, I don’t pay taxes so it’s not my hard earned money going towards this but if it was maybe I wouldn’t be quite so pleased with this plan. Why should tax payers have to take a hit for others mistakes? Yes addiction is biological to a point, some have the gene others don’t, but surely if addiction runs in your family and you’ve seen how it’s affected others why even put yourself in a position to become addicted?
Sure it’s just one drink, one hit, one blunt, but it wasn’t tax payers taking those hits. So why should they have to even contribute to rehabilitation at all?
I know it sounds cold hearted and that there have only been an “8% of graduates” who have been “convicted of another crime in the state since 2002”, but how much does that really say? 8% got caught, what about the ones that didn’t? 8% got caught in New Jersey, what about the ones who went over the bridge to Philly, or New York City? Is this new system telling drug addicts, “hey come to Jersey, you’ll get off easy, have to do a rehabilitation thing but as long as you stay out of trouble in our state, you’re good!”? 
Yeah okay they’re “taking drug tests frequently”; ask Lance Armstrong how easy it is to pass a drug test. 
What it really comes down to is money, that’s the driving factor behind all things. “While estimates vary, Christie says”, there’s mistake #1. I don’t really care what Christie says, what do the financial experts say? Clearly the experts say something different hence the craftily placed phrase, “estimates vary”. Christie doesn’t exactly have the best track record with being a moral, honest person; I know this is pre-Bridgegate but still. Christie is saying this program is saving $29,000 ($49,000-$25,000), but then a few paragraphs down Lesniak is saying $30 million are going to be needed next year. So which is it?
Maybe I’m insensitive to this because addiction, alcoholism, and drugs have never been something I was exposed to or directly had to deal with. On my dad’s side I know there were family members who became slave to drugs and did crazy things because of it but that’s just it; there are so many horror stories of these things ruining so many lives why even get mixed up with it at all? Go, ahead experiment, but if you end up in jail for the rest of your life that’s on you. The only person accountable for your decisions and choices is you. Choose wisely. 

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