Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Un-tech Savvy

I am currently blogging from my new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3! Yes, this is the one I was talking about a few blog posts ago, my amazing Godfather completely surprised me and got it for me and I love it.

The only downside...

It's not compatible with itunes. As previously stated in past blogs, I was a big Apple person, I have an iPhone and MacBook, so I've spent a pretty penny in the itunes store. I have movies, music, shows, stuff that I would want on my tablet.

I synced up my tablet and tried to transfer everything, assuming it would be like my Apple products and just show up in my itunes, but nooooo, they have to make it extra difficult. Forty-five minutes later, after reading the instruction manual, I do what the manual has instructed me to do and go on the android website and download the itunes equivalent for Samsung. An hour later, after dragging over my music, tv shows, and movies, I re-sync up my tablet and everything goes smoothly.

It was in this false sense of security that I decided to try to see what a movie would look like on here. I tapped on the movie title and a screen popped up that said "not compatible with your device", in my naive state I thought maybe it was a fluke so I tried all the movies, music, and tv shows and none of them worked. Not cool.

After further investigation I gathered that itunes encrypts their stuff with something that makes it unable to play on non-Apple devices. From an Apple business standpoint, this is great! It forces people to stick with Apple because it's easier to use the software they already have, plus they don't want to lose the stuff they purchased from itunes.

From a regular person with itunes and a tablet, this sucks. I like this tablet too much to switch to an ipad, yet I want my itunes stuff. They give me no choice but to be shady and find some anti encryption android software that has to be out there somewhere on the internet,

I feel personally victimized and bullied.

Why must they make this so difficult,  can't we all just get along? I should not have to give an arm and a leg to get stuff that I paid for, and therefore own, onto a different device. I should be able to put my itunes purchases wherever I please, from whatever company I please, whether it be Apple, Samsung, or something else entirely. No matter what I do with it I paid for it, they still get the money, so I don't understand why this is even an issue.

I'm really not tech savvy enough for all this.

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