Sunday, September 15, 2013

Shout Out to Chipotle

That video is creepy. It's extremely well done, yet creepy. There's a Scarecrow game that goes along with it too (you can get it in the app store).

But that's kind of the point. To quote Mr. Ellis, my World Cultures teacher, "I'm one documentary away from becoming a vegetarian". When I actually think about what I'm eating, really think about where it came from and the journey it took to eventually end up on my plate, I lose my appetite, and I'm not even a fast food eater. Every so often I'll have Chick-fil-a, but besides that I won't touch the stuff.

I'm really pleased by the direction the Nation is going in as far as healthier eating and lifestyles. There's now a Subway in most Walmart's instead of McDonalds, I think people are more aware of the contents of their food as far as what exactly they're eating, and when I listen to the radio on my way to school almost every other commercial is about healthy alternatives to soda, and going out and being active. I don't know if this stuff will be enough, but it's surely a step in the right direction.

I grew up in a pretty healthy household but junk food never really appealed to me even when I was younger. I'm a huge fan of organic food (fruits and veggies especially), Whole Foods is great, I try to have at least three pieces of fruit with every meal, I only drink water with the exception of Naked smoothies which not only taste good but are good for you, and whenever I'm given the option I always choose wheat over white (except when it comes to grilled cheese, you can only make a grilled cheese on white bread, that's just principle). 

How do you make a change? You target kids. Adults are usually set on their opinions and routines, but kids are young and easily susceptible and don't know any better. McDonalds knew it (why else would their mascot be a clown for goodness sake! They had a children's cartoon show!!) and other fast food chains hopped on the bandwagon. Good for Chipotle for actually using this knowledge to do some good and try to help kids be healthier. 

We are the cumulation of the choices we make, so choose wisely.

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