Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I have always been a lover of good, powerful, art and a street artist I've really started to like is a guy named Banksy. There's a documentary about street art that was produced by him and also features him called Exist Through the Giftshop and it's really quite interesting if ever you want to take a glance at it. To summarize: Banksy is a graffiti and street artist but the whole thing with him is no one has ever seen him, no one knows who he is. Allegedly they now have photos of him and you can google it but whatever, to add to the mystery lets just ignore those allegations for now. 

His art is really spectacular. It's nothing crazy intricate, just simple with a message about society, government, things of that nature. He really has a problem with the government labeling graffiti as "vandalism" which is evident in some of his work. 

There's a whole debate amongst street artist over whether or not he's a sellout because his art is worth a lot of money, not that he himself directly sells any of it, and he has a documentary and what not but you know what they say; don't hate the player, hate the game. 

More power to you Banksy, whoever you are. 

*visit his website here*=


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